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Sandbox Singleplayer und Multiplayer

Veröffentlichung: 12. Aug. 2014

für Windows und MAC


Das Sandbox Online Spiel Creativerse beginnt ähnlich wie  MINECRAFT in einer Welt, in der alles aus Blöcken besteht. Nutze deinen magischen Handschuh, um Ressourcen zu sammeln, Materialien herzustellen, und die Welt selbst zu gestalten, indem du eigene Gebäude und Bauwerke erstellst und lasse deine Freunde und andere Spieler sie bewundern. Aber Achtung, in der  Nacht kommen die Monsterviecher.


ein Link zum Spiel:



noch mehr Infos:



Bilder spare ich mir, die sind in den beiden Links enthalten. Ich selber spiele dieses Game über STEAM..



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Selawi    52

erste Bilder von der  CREATIVERSE - Madekozu-World


Kalynia ihr Baumhaus

Madekozu liebt Holzhütten

Draconya baut direkt daneben

und Selawi, wie immer, treibt sich rum, verläuft sich, und baut ein riesiges Lagerhaus, welches, auch wie immer, wohl nie fertig werden wird ;-)






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Selawi    52

CHAT - Befehle



Übersetzung kommt gleich...





Chat Commands

All chat commands are prefixed with a / character.

Command Description
/help shows a list of all available commands
// shows exact coordinates of the player on the game world (x/y/z like in devices)
/who lists player characters present on the current game world
/stuck Unsticks the player. If stuck at a corner or on stairs, try jumping once. At the top end of ladders try stepping back (down) and going forward (up) again when stuck
/hud toggles the UI on/off for screenshots or simply a nicer view
/permissions shows your current permissions on this world and/or claim
/promote (visitor/builder/mod) sets permission/authority level of listed players
/w (playername) (message) sends a whisper to (playername) with the message (message)
/r (message) reply to the last player who sent a whisper
/party invite (playername) invites a player to a party
/party accept accepts a party invite
/p (message) sends a message to all players that are part of the own party
/party decline declines a party invite
/party kick (playername) kicks a player out of the party
/party leave leaves the current party
/sim displays the position of the player on the current "chunk" (part of an area)
/tutorial on turns tutorial events on (default)
/tutorial off turns tutorial events off
/tutorial reset resets all tutorials, causing them to happen again
/pulleffect 0/1 toggles the visual block pulling effect - 0 for off, 1 for on
/placeeffect 0/1 toggles the visual block placing effect - 0 for off, 1 for on
/ignore (playername) disables messages of this player in the chat
/ignoreall disables the chat completely
/unignore (playername) shows chat messages of a formerly ignored player again
/ban (playername) bans a player from your world (enables to reclaim their claims)
/unban (playername) allows formerly banned player to re-enter the world
/setspawn set a specific spawn point for all new players on your world
/kill lets your player character commit suicide, does not kill Creatures/Mobs
/mute mute a player (disable their chat messages) on your world
/request (playername) ask for higher permission level on a player's claim
/temperature (outdated) displays the exact temperature of blocks, air and adjacent blocks
/toxicity displays the toxicity of the current position
/publish_world make your world publicy accessible for other players to join
/resetprefs resets your preference settings
/like like this world (as long as it's not one of your own game worlds)
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TASTATUR - Befehle      Übersetzung folgt gleich...


Key Customizable? Description
Mouse0 (left button) Yes Pull, Dig, Harvest or Push creatures with gauntlet, attack with weapon, use Tool (Wiring Tool, Taming Collar, Plow, Washer)
Mouse1 (right button) Yes Activate, Place block or placeable item from quickslot
1-= (or ´) Yes Quick Slot Select. Then use right-click to consume consumables, throw explosives or place blocks and placable items
W Yes Move forwards
S Yes Move backwards
A Yes Left side-step
D Yes Right side-step
Space Yes Jump
Shift Yes Sprint or Boost when gliding. Will use up Stamina. With no Stamina left, player character will slow down again automatically
Tab Yes Cycle mode (mining / using weapon / using currently equipped tool)
E Yes Inventory or "Menu". You can then use the Tabs on top to select Crafting, Map, Blueprints or Store (on the far right side) too
Q Yes Crafting
M Yes Map (and area map by clicking on the magnifying glass)
ESC No System Menu, Game Settings, World Settings, Exit the Game
~ No Take a screenshot using the game UI
T Yes Opens the touchstone menu to permit teleporting to available touchstones
F Yes Use/Interact (with Devices, Machines, Pets, Treasure Chests, etc.)
C Yes Crouch. Permits for safe walking, in most cases disallowing the player-characters to fall off of the block they are on
Alt Yes Mouse Unlock
Return or Enter Yes Chat
Backspace Yes Chat reply
Delete Yes Delete block/stack of blocks/items/materials
O Yes View Mode: 3rd person view as long as the player-character does not move
Y Yes Ask Pet to follow you
I Yes Ask Pet that follows you to stay at the spot you're looking at
/ Yes Start a Chat Command (list of commands below)
Z Yes Drop
R Yes Rotate (either toggle on/off to define a specific rotation position, or hold down to then rotate the block with the mouse)
NumLock Yes Autorun (and automatically swim forward) until stopped by unevenness
N Yes Inspect Wires (only with Wiring Tool equipped)
V Yes Toggles the display of Wires
K Yes Cut Wire / break links between electric devices
G Yes Use Glider / deactivate glider while flying
L Yes Toggle Flashlight on/off
Left Control Yes


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Selawi    52
  • Zusatz-Infos
  • left-click will either "pull"/take blocks/liquids, or use the selected weapon resp. tool (taming collar, washer, plow). Toggle between harvesting/mining mode and using weapon/tool mode with default-key TAB
  • right-clicking on things in your inventory will place them into the currently selected quickbar-slot - or will equip weapons, tools or armor. Some items cannot be placed in the quickbar, like crafting-materials
  • you can place blocks, plant seeds, use potions/mushrooms, equip weapons/tools by first putting them into a quickslot, selecting that quickslot (number-key, clicking on it or scrolling with your mousewheel) and then clicking your right mouse button while pointing the crosshairs on a spot in the world
  • right-click will also send things from your inventory to containers or crafting stations (Forge, Processor, Cooking Station) (drag & drop might not always work)
  • and of course - as told on the screen - right-click also "interacts" with things in the world; it opens containers, lets you use crafting stations, change teleporter-codes or access Pet-menus
  • learn new found recipes and use consumables by dragging them from the inventory to your character-portrait on the right side
  • Moving blocks: if you hold a stack of stuff with your mouse-button (left click), then right-click to drop only one piece (into the quickbar, a container, a crafting-station etc.)
  • hold Left shift + left click, drag to move half a stack (formerly this moved only one item)
  • hold Left shift + right click to move five items
  • hold Left ctrl + right click to move one item
  • you cannot place more than one block on the ground at a time though
  • Rotation: hold R (default key) and the left-mouse-button while targeting a block - then move the mouse to rotate the block
  • tap R while targeting a rotated block to lock the rotation - additional blocks will be placed in the same "angle" now, so you won't have to rotate each block one at a time
  • tap R again to "unlock" the rotation
  • currently not all "blocks" can be rotated into every direction (usable furniture for example), and containers must be emptied before rotating.
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